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2017 Upgrade Contest

Our 2017 upgrade contest was not only a huge success it laid down a killer track.  Stay tuned for more...

The Sophistipunx delivered the goods with a live performance full of power and energy.

19 Channels Live @

This four piece act used 19 channels on a variety of new preamps available at

Will Harris used the following mappings:

  • Kick Drum Inside D112 to an API 512c
  • Kick Drum Outside U47 to an Amek preamp
  • Snare Top SM57 to an API 512c
  • Snare Bottom SM57 to an Amek preamp
  • Toms Cad 179 to Amek preamp
  • Hi Hat Advanced Audio 1084 to Amek preamp
  • Overheads U87s to Neve 511 with added silk
  • Bass cab RE20 to Amek preamp
  • Bass DI Chandler Little Devil preamp
  • Guitar SM57 to Vintech 573 preamp
  • Room mics 414s to Amek preamps
  • Room mono Ribbon to Amek preamp
  • Room mono 1084 to Amek preamp
  • Room mono Sterling to Amek Preamp
  • Vox U47 to Neve 511
Waves plugins were used during the live performance to create a stunning sound.  The session was recorded on an Antelope Audio Orion32 using 19 channels and fed to PowerPlay P16 personal mix headphone systems.

Stay tuned for updates!

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