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$100 / 3 hours*

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We want everyone in the tri-state NYC area to record @ in the month of May.  Book time now. 201-816-0123

Sonic Versatility features 5 flavors of preamps from API, Chandler, Langley, Neve, and Vintech.  We can record 32 channels live in our 7 room 1850 square foot studio.
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Marketing Power was formed by musicians for musicians.  We have an extensive network of promotional channels that will help you reach thousands of people globally.
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Visual Perfection is a team of freelancers who can create stunning web, print, video content to promote your talent.  We have the latest technologies and experience to get your message out there quickly and affordably.  Give us a try today!
More Information is trying to reinvigorate the concept of recording music.  We try to take the approach of capturing the pure raw energy of musicians by requesting they record the foundation of their songs together as a band.  Our studio can accomodate large bands, small bands, solo artists and even ensembles.  Our latest band to take advantage of our sonic capabilities and approach is a band out of New Jersey Sophistipunx who recorded their latest single "Locked Down".  Checkout the difference when you capture a moment as opposed to piecing tracks together.
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* mixing and mastering not included.
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