We are experts with decades of experience.  NJsound will take you to the next level in your career.  Please take time to review our entire web site especially the news section.

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Affordable, quality recording has come to the tri-state NYC area. NJ Sound Studios offers a professional environment that is completely within the reach of anyone who has ever had a dream of hearing himself/herself recorded.  We are conveniently located in River Edge, New Jersey just 10 minutes outside of New York City.

Our studio offers a dedicated group of engineers you can choose from, or you can bring your own. We also can help with production, or you can bring your own producer.

If you need to edit, mix, or master your material into suitable demo material to shop to the major labels, we can help you package yourself right to sell your band in the best possible way.

NJ Sound offers you an environment where the average person won’t feel the pressures of “other people” being around. With your time, you also receive as much or as little dedication from us as you like. If you just want to work on a song idea with our 2 terabyte+ library of sounds and be left alone or you want the expert’s advice, you have those options and everything in between.

We cater to aspiring and established artists everywhere and anyone who has ever thought they could do it but just don’t know how. We’re here to help because we genuinely want to see the talent of our great region get the attention they so rightly deserve.

You pick your level of involvement. Hey, we’re all musicians right? If you want a day here and there to rehearse for a few hours, we have flexible schedules, or if it’s time to get serious and record that album, we offer day rates and week packages as well.

We can take your band to that next level through our many different services available, want a tour of our space?  Just let us know.

Try us out today and you will never record at another studio!

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Now until December 31st we are offering a half-off savings!  Reserve your time today!

NJ sound 4 hour special 150*

Use coupon code “december” at checkout to lock in our 50% sale!
* Price if paying with paypal is $155 due to their transaction charges, limit one per client

Weekday / Weekend Rental

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Mixing and Mastering per song $25 order now limited time only!

Analog summing $35 per song order now limited time only!

Now until December 31st NJsound is offering free sessions to talented musicians to help us build an internal library of sound.  Please contact us and send links to your material.  We will screen all applications and will contact you if you are selected.  Once selected you will have the opportunity to use our state of the art recording facility to create sounds for our library of sound we are developing.  We will record video and publish this video on the Internet and you will receive a royalty for any sales we get for your sounds.  Each musician will have their own sound series produced by our talented staff and it will be made available on this web site as well as many others for purchase.  You will also receive a dedicated page promoting your talent and allowing you to raise funds for your projects ( we hope you choose NJsound to record them ).  Sound interesting?  Contact us today to get started!  Order John Cannon, founder of NJsound Guitar Sounds Vol. 1


Checkout our SoundCloud Link for up to date previews of new artists that record at NJsound.com


Listen to this sampler of Emilie Schattman to see the quality you can get at NJsound Studio!


Hip Hop Preview with our old gear

Dollys Live preview with old gear


Fertile Soil “Battery Park NYC” unmixed and unmastered raw version behind the scenes look at NJsound.com